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Maligne Lake before it freezes…

I headed out to Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park for three days before the snow starts to fly and the lake freezes over. Here’s what happened!

Maligne Lake again…

Just a quick video, mostly kayaking from our latest kayak and camping trip to Maligne Lake in early September ’14.

Winding down the training…

With only 3 weeks to go until marathon day, training has started to taper off. Today was really the last long run for me. It was a 27km and change slow and easy run while last Sunday was a 38km romp. Next week will be a 23km run to really wrap things up.

I decided that speed training is not for me. Just the whole premise of changing your stride to a shorter length for the sake of going a bit faster in the training session seems dangerous to me. Last time out I aggravated a left quad injury that occurred some 30 years ago playing hockey. I guess I have a fair amount of scar tissue remaining and to me its just not worth the risk of severe injury at this point in time. After the last 2 speed sessions I had to nurse myself back each time with ice and heat.

Last week I was in Spokane at an IAVM conference

IMG_0123and was still able to get my training runs in. There are ample trails to run along the Spokane River which runs through town. Running out to and through the Gonzaga University grounds was awesome. I ran by the soccer and baseball facilities and they look to be first class; the grass looked immaculate on both playing surfaces.

Spokane is a really nice city, clean and friendly. I was staying right near the convention centre and had lots of time to walk, and run around the beautiful area near downtown where the river is. The river seemed to be flowing at a high level and there were several falls in a short span of a couple of kilometres.

Yesterday (May 18), after my morning run we were able to get our kayaks into the water in the afternoon. IMG_1804We put in at the launch just behind St Albert city hall and paddled up the Sturgeon River to Big Lake.


It was a nice 2 hour paddle on a great day. Perfect for the first time out this year. We saw lots of nesting ducks and geese, a couple of muskrats and 2 herons on the banks.

With this being the long weekend, hopefully we can also get out on our bikes on holiday Monday or maybe play some tennis at the Broadmoor Tennis Club.



Thanksgiving Weekend Paddle

Spent a couple of nights at Jarvis Lake, north of Hinton Alberta in William Switzer Provincial Park. Did some hammock camping and paddlin’. Here’s some video!!

Bill’s boat and beavers!!!

My buddy Bill finally got his boat, a Delta 17 footer and we went out for the first time with our kayaks together on June 4th. He had already been out for his shakedown with his Delta but this was our first time paddling together. We went out to the Blackfoot Recreation Area and paddled Islet Lake for a couple of hours. This is one of my favorite local paddles. It’s about a 45 minute drive from home and is just south of Elk Island National Park which has Astotin Lake which is also a good lake to paddle.

We were lucky on this trip…there was lots of beaver activity so we were able to see quite a few out in the water, and they were pretty active.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Finally got the kayak in the water!!

May 18th and finally got the kayak in the water. Went out to the Blackfoot Recreation Area and Islet Lake. It’s a nice fairly big lake that is a favourite spot of ours. Lots of beavers and other wildlife to be seen in the water and on the shore. There are also over 100 km’s of hiking and biking trails in the park.

Bill bought a boat…

My camping and hiking and kayaking buddy Bill finally bought a kayak. It’s a Delta 17 footer. This will make our outings happen more often as he won’t have to rent anymore. Now we have to start planning!!