a tale of beer, potato chips and a sweet tooth…

2015 was a tough year for running.

Injuries claimed a lot of time. Two weeks before my end of May marathon I had been training for, plantar fasciitis forced me to stop running. It wasn’t until August that I was able to get going again. Then extensor tendonitis hit the top of my right foot limiting my running time. This was much less painful than the PF, I could run through it but it was very annoying and again took time for it to heal.

As I looked to get going again at the beginning of December, I decided to do a six week Quick Start to bring my weight down a bit before actually starting to begin training in the new year. Pre-Christmas time is not the best time to start one of these plans. Too much food at work, too much beer at home, too much overall temptation. And I am weak! I Can’t say no to those Nanaimo bars and cookies. I’m not one to have control over my food urges. Four weeks of my half hearted attempt at some weight reduction saw me lose a few pounds only to put them back on in a day or two so I was just breaking even. My worst time is in the evening, especially if I’m bored. Then it’s several trips to the pantry, because you know, there’ll be different stuff in it each time I open the door.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 4.31.32 PM

Above you can see how my weight has changed over the last year. Dropping to it’s lowest point, 212lbs after 16 weeks of training, then climbing to where it is today, about 224lbs. I really wasn’t taking this serious enough.

Yesterday, after having not ran for a few days, I waivered about going for a run. It was cold out, -16c, but that didn’t bother me. I just thought staying inside was probably the best course of action. After all, there was English Premier League on television and I had coffee. But I worried about what not going would do to my psyche! So, after Manchester United went behind 2 nil, I figured I’d go out for the run. Off I went for a very enjoyable and easy 45 minutes.


So as part of my plan, I have pretty much cut out the potato chips for some time now (although there was a relapse a few days ago). I have decided that the quantities of beer consumed has to be greatly reduced and those walk by hand grabs of sweets from the candy trays scattered throughout life this time of year have to stop. I’m going to try and cut down on portion sizes as well. As for running, I was going to try and begin the Quick Start again but decided now is not the time. If I was planning on doing a spring marathon I would have to start training in late January, and knowing what happened last year, I’ve decided to just go out, put on some mileage and build my base back up. I’ll let my body determine what I do in the spring, but if I do decide to run a race, I’ll cut back a bit on the training program as I’m sure I overdid it last year and that’s what led to the PF issues.

Fighting off the rest of the holiday season temptations shouldn’t be a problem now that I have this new focus.

I’m glad I ran yesterday!


2 responses to “a tale of beer, potato chips and a sweet tooth…

  1. I may have commented already, or tried to, but wordpress password was giving me grief. Anyway… first time to your blog! Enjoyed this post, I feel your pain. I’m clearing the cupboards of the crap one bite at a time. All the best in 2016!

  2. Thanks for reading my post Una. I took a look at your site and read some of the posts. Looked like you had a real nasty fall but recovered fine. I’ve subscribed to you.

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