Fryatt Valley Trail, Jasper Alberta

Went for a 2 night trip up the valley. Here’s the report…

6 responses to “Fryatt Valley Trail, Jasper Alberta

  1. What campsites did you stay at?

  2. What campsite did you stay at??

  3. Absolutely you can do it in a day.

  4. The big ride can get a bit bumpy in sections, lots of roots in places. After ditching your bike, the trail is fairly easy through the bush. Make lots of noise. I never saw any critters but I certainly saw evidence of them. The trail then opens up into the valley and you follow the river. The Fryatt campsite is at the base of the steeper climb and at the right. From the camp you go up a steeper climb to the 2 large cairns where you see Fryatt Lake and off in the distance the falls. Follow the trail then pay close attention to it as you reach the falls. You could have trouble following the trai but just stay on the lookout. It’s a tough slog up but well worth it. The cabin isn’t too far from the top of the falls. Stop and enjoy the view! Make sure you follow the trail past the cabin for some nice sights up there. It’s a great hike. Hope you get to do it.

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