A separation of the unguis from the digitus secundus…

Yeah, I peeled off the toenail from my second toe on my left foot at the beginning of the week. I think the big toe may be next!

Lucky week 13 ended with a very invigorating Sunday morning “Long Run with Speed Play”. This was a 29 km jaunt that consisted mainly of 16 repetitions of .402km’s in HR zone 3 followed up with a 1.2km run in HR zone 2. Sixteen times! There was some warm up and cool down distance as well but all told it was 29km in about 2 hours and 50 minutes.

I had considered running in the Edmonton Police Foundation Half Marathon but gave up that idea after running last weeks St Albert Road Race which was 16km. I ran that at a great pace so I didn’t want to overdo it two weeks in a row. Besides, my training run was about 8km longer than the half and I felt I would benefit from the training run over the half.

Some milestones today.

After the Sunday run I got on the scales and hit said 208lbs. That was my weight goal from the very beginning. I was 220 the day training started, but had got to that number with some work in the preparation leading up to training.

I’m up over 800km for the year which is awesome for me. I’m relatively injury free, a bit of PF creeping in on my right foot but with my history of PF, I think I can keep it under control. It usually doesn’t bother me when I run so I can live with that.

And it is my granddaughters 1st birthday today with a large family celebration planned, at which point I’m sure the 208 will increase slightly!

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