You want me to run how fast?

An interesting week just came to a close. Seventy five km’s with a couple of runs that included sprints and elevated heart rates.

Friday’s Short Interval session wants me to do 10 minutes warming up then 12 repetitions of 1 minute in HR zone 5 and 2.5 minutes in HR zone 1 with. Zone 5? You’re kidding right? Zone 5 for me, as I have calculated is 161 or more beats per minute. For a minute and a half? Got it.

At best I hit was 151 bpm for about a minute on each run (x12). I am not built for speed, let alone long speed. I don’t know if it’s a good thing I can’t hit 161 let alone maintain it for 90 seconds or not.

Then Sunday’s Long Run with Fast Finish called for 23km in zone 2 then a 2.4 km finish in zone 3 (146-152). I could hit that target, it was tough after 23km, but a lot of it was into that strong wind we had. Luckily I went out early this morning before the winds really picked up.

Finally, after 20 consecutive running days, Monday is a rest day. It’s also my monthly massage with Nadine at Got Knots.

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