#10 into the books…

Seventy five km’s over 7 runs put week 10 to rest. The longest run was a 26 km “long run with speed play” lasting about 2:35.  Just click the link below for my run details;

Garmin Connect

Other runs this past week were three foundation runs, a cruise interval, a recovery run, and a short interval. My runs this year are averaging about an hour.

I’m up over 600km for the year but still trying to find my shoes. I had mentioned a while back that I had made the switch from a stability shoe to a neutral style. That meant going from the Asics Gel Kayano’s to Brooks Ghost 7’s. I ran in the Ghosts a few times then someone suggested that I try the Asics Nimbus 17’s. I went out and got a pair but had to go up a size to 13 as the size 12’s seemed a bit tight.  I just can’t get comfortable in them! They have a lot of toe room and when I run in them it feels like the forefoot is very wide and and my foot spills out to the sides. Speed work in them is a tragedy! I wore my Ghosts this morning and they feel so much more compact and snug.

I have one toe about to lose the nail already. My second toe on the left foot. In truth though, it never recovered from last year and was an easy mark to shed the nail again this training session.

Also, I picked up a pair of 2XU elite compression shorts. I like them. I have to get used to wearing tights but thats just me. They provide a nice snug feel, stay in place and keep things in their place! When running in them they are unnoticeable, almost like you are running in nothing. Even running into a cool breeze, they keep my thighs and quads warm.


It is my hope to run the Calgary marathon without wearing a water belt. I’m hoping to strictly use the water and gel stations placed around the course.  They are using PowerGels and I have been training with them to ensure my stomach can handle that brand and so far so good. I have to make the transition from tangerine to chocolate though. In my training so far I have determined that I need to start taking a gel at about 90 minutes

One response to “#10 into the books…

  1. Good work this week. I think if you’re well hydrated (and not just the morning of the race) you will be fine with running without a water belt. The key is to be hydrated all the time, not just on the training days. I try to drink half my weight in ozs and more on touch workout days, every day. Good luck with the rest of your training.
    I hate gels 😦

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