All of a sudden, week 8 of training ends with week 9…

It’s now week 8 of training. And before I knew it, week 9 ended too! Things are going well, but I did pay a price for interrupting training with a trip to the Dominican Republic for a week. Punta Cana called and the 30c weather was a welcome break from a cold Alberta winter. I did run four times, but only for a total of about 30k. There were a couple of runs around the resort grounds and the surrounding area, a beach run with shoes on and the best run of all was the barefoot run in the sand. Here’s the proof;

just some random thoughts;

– what’s with that little blob of slush that spurts out from under your lead foot then lands on the top mesh of your other foot as its motion passes it to the front, freezing toes when you really don’t want that!

– is it just me or are shoe laces getting shorter?

– races really should customize their racing numbers, no more generic Running Room numbers please

Trying to make up for lost time with the blog, week 9 just ended this morning (I have to get more consistent here). It was also the last week of hill training and I have to admit my hills were less than satisfactory. I missed two weeks while on holiday, one week was a washout, literally as the hill I run was a flowing river of snow melt and one week was lost to a dump of snow. So I really only did two weeks of hills which probably really did not do anything for me.

I also missed a long run of about 32km (last Sunday) due to a heavy snowfall which I stressed over but I don’t think you can make up lost mileage so I just moved on from it.

So now I move on to the Peak Phase of training which is seven weeks and will incorporate more speed work into the runs. I have some little nicks, all foot related but nothing that I can’t put up with or run through.

One response to “All of a sudden, week 8 of training ends with week 9…

  1. ohhhhh that beach! and yes shoelaces are totally getting shorter! I am now dreaming of beach time. ANd maaaaybe a margarita

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