Week 3 is over…

Running a very tedious, and boring, almost 2 hour run inside was how the week ended today. Round round and round! We had a fair dump of snow on Friday night, about 5 inches and it made running outside really difficult. The paths and trails had not been cleared for Saturday’s 45 minute run but I tried to push on. It was tough and I should have probably run inside, but you know, I hate running inside so out I went. It was much easier to run in the fresh snow than to run in the few tracks that had already been made on the paths. It was a tough run, slogging through the snow on a beautiful day but my distance was down about a kilometre and my feet were sore after. That was due I think to the ruts and unevenness that others had created.  I showed much more restraint on Sunday for my long run, sucked it up and went inside!

So far so good. Nothing major to worry about physically at this point. I weighed in at 217 lbs after the run this morning so I was happy with that.

I had a gait assessment done earlier in the week. I was surprised by the results. But then again I wasn’t. What prompted this was I just couldn’t get comfortable in my new Asics Gel Kayano 21’s. They just seemed tighter. Even the laces were much shorter. So I had moved from the Kayano’s, which is a stability shoe, into a neutral Brooks Ghost 7. I don’t know why, other than to look at a bit less rigidity and weight. With the assessment, the physio noted that I was very much a heel striker but after the assessment he felt I could easily move into a neutral shoe. One comment he made was that just because you pronate doesn’t mean you need to be put in a stability shoe. He felt that over time the neutral shoe would reduce the heel strike and bring my lead foot back under my body. What I thought really interesting was after running on the treadmill barefoot (at the same speed and incline as I had run with shoes on), my stride length shortened and my cadence went up from 150 to 164. My hips are weak and need some work, especially on the right side so the physio gave me a few of exercises to do to strengthen the hip muscles.

So today was the longest I had run in the neutral shoes, 16km, and I feel ok, a few hours after the run.  There is a bit of discomfort in my left foot but that will go away and is probably caused more from the stress of continually turning left on the track today.

Week four of the nine week Base Phase portion of training presents the same schedule of runs except there is the added bonus of hills which kicks off a six week span of them until the end of the Base Phase.

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