Training tragically delayed…

Very early Saturday morning, January 17, RCMP Cst. David Wynn was senselessly shot while on duty in St. Albert. He passed away from his wounds on January 21st.  Immediately after Cst. Wynn’s passing, it was almost certain that my place of work would be the site of Regimental Funeral.  Right away we started planning to turn Servus Place from a community recreation facility into a church that would hold 6500 first responders and public to pay their respects.


After a couple of planning days and then set up, the funeral took place on January 26th. 6800 people attended the service to say their final goodbyes.


My Calgary Marathon training was scheduled to start the day of the funeral, but with many long days at work and hours on my feet, I was not feeling up to the training. So instead of starting Monday, I began Thursday. I was not worried about missing a couple of days; they were just basically slower, longer runs. My concern was that I had not run in about 10 days, and how would I feel when I finally got back out there?

My first couple of runs were fine and I seemed to be over the soreness countless hours of walking on concrete created. The weather was not bad but Friday night it got windy, the snow started to fall on the already icy paths and the temperature started to drop. Bad weather however, doesn’t bother me, as I have the gear for it. I do dislike pathways that have not yet been cleared. I find that slogging through snow aggravates my hips, groin and ankles but nothing some stretching doesn’t fix. This week ended with a Saturday timed 45 minute Foundation Run and then a Sunday Long Run just over 16km.


I just picked up a new pair of Asics Gel Kayano 21’s. I have worn the same shoe right from number 17, and thought it might be time for a change and looked at several stability shoes. In the end I came back to the Kayano. Kind of like “if it ain’t broke, don’t change it”. I just can’t figure out why Asics comes out with a new Kayano every year. 21's

My training program is based on the 80/20 Running plan authored by Matt Fitzgerald which I have talked about previously. Lots of distance at slower paces with a smaller level of intensity over the 18 weeks of training.

I started at this week at 220 lbs. I would have liked to be a couple pounds lighter to start but that didn’t happen. In the past I have lost about 15 pounds during training so I should be around 205 on race day. I’d be happy at 208!

So, next week, week 2, sees the following plan;

Monday – Foundation Run, 45 minutes

Tuesday – Fast Finish, 35 minutes low intensity and 12 minutes high, cross training

Wednesday – Foundation Run, 45 minutes

Thursday – Foundation Run, 45 minutes with cross training

Friday – Speed Play, 15 minutes low intensity, 28 minutes high

Saturday – Foundation Run, 45 minutes

Sunday – Long Run, just over 19km

I will run all of my slower runs, usually those set in my heart rate zones 1 and 2 by heart rate and any run that would be zones 3, 4 or 5 will be run by pace. The reasoning is that when changing zones, there is a certain amount of lag in heart rates being picked up by the monitor so it is easier to adjust by pace when there is greater intensity.

RIP Cst. David Wynn

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