Three weeks gone…

I’ve just finished my third week of the “Quick Start” program. Actually I’m a couple of days into week 4. So how am I doing? Well, lets just say it’s easy to blame the time of year for any failures. Although I don’t feel like I’m failing, there is just a lack of downwards number movement. On a good note, my weight has pretty much stayed the same with all of the temptation the season has to offer and I have been running everyday with the exception of December 23rd (my birthday) and Christmas day.

As I track my progress, it has been somewhat tough maintaining data on foods that are eaten outside of the home. There have been a few restaurant outings which always seem to have a beer or two placed in front of me. Not to mention all the sweets that inevitably lay around the house just waiting to be grabbed by my hand. I have been cognizant of what I eat and quite often ask myself “do you really need that”? Sometimes I make the right decision, sometimes I don’t; but thats an improvement because in the past there was never any option of a choice, just a hand shooting into that Bits and Bites bowl!

I’m not discouraged though. I will persevere and move forward. I will continue to run and once a week I do a power cycle stint on a spin bike. There is also some strength work 3 times a week incorporated into my plan. My marathon training will commence on January 26th culminating with the Calgary marathon on May 31st.

There’s one day left of running in 2014. Watch for my year end summary!!

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