my focus is here…

I’ve been going through some of the Matt Fitzgerald books trying to formulate a plan for the future.


One complaint I have about the “Quick Start Guide” is that there are several references to calculators on the website to help you with the program. When you go to the website, there are no calculators! Admitedly, the author says they over promised and under produced on the website and were unable to add the calculators due to their limited resources(?). I think there are several sites that will fill the void of trying to track daily calorie intake and carbs versus protein totals but the inconvenience is noticeable.

A lot of the fitness tracking programs out there function with your phone connected to your heart rate monitor to track your progress. I really do not want to wear something strapped to my arm that has significant added weight. I like my little ipod shuffle with its 400+ songs. I also really don’t want to pay monthly or yearly fees to use a service for something that I should be able to figure out myself. I use a Garmin 220 that I am pleased with and I like the functionality of Garmin Connect in regards to the information it provides me.

Currently I’m 225 lbs with a body fat % of about 23. I have set 205 lbs as my racing weight goal which I hope to achieve, or be very close to after the six week “Quick Start” program.

As part of my training program, yesterday I went out and purchased a FitBit Flex, primarily to track non-running activities and the total number of calories I expend at those times. I have also decided that MyFitnessPal will be the main tracking source of my diet and caloric numbers with it all linking into Garmin Connect.

My “Quick Start” program begins on Monday, that’s three days away.

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