carbs, diabetes, training and adjustments…

Well, this wasn’t news I wanted to hear. After the usual blood work and testing for my yearly physical I get called back to the doc’s office. Guess what? I’m just over the baseline for being diabetic (7.1). This isn’t something new to me, I’ve always been close to the line and now I’ve gone over, but it’s not something that kept me awake at night worrying about it.

The blame, well it all rests with me. My penchant for sweets and other not good for you foods like cookies, potato chips and ice cream has finally caught up to me. It’s especially hard to grasp as I was just about ready to get started with some serious training. Of course you’re asking; well how serious could he be eating all that crap? I agree. I have been my own worst enemy.

When I asked my doctor what the best way to reduce the blood sugar number was he told me to reduce my carb intake. Since the training system I want to follow is based on carbohydrate intake to not only fuel your body for a marathon, it also works to keep your energy levels up to meet the demands of training, I’m now going to have to reassess my food consumption, dietary habits and make some hard decisions followed by defining actions. Ideally, my first decision is to immediately begin making smarter choices and to improve the quality of food I ingest. I really don’t see myself as being a calorie counter so I think just being aware of quality is a good start and seems that it would make the whole process easier to follow and maintain.

But on a good note, everything else was great with the doc!

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