Taper week…

This is the start of my taper week. 6 days away from the Edge to Edge Marathon and it all starts to come to an end. Just four short easy runs this week with nothing over 10km.

This whole training process started at the end of January and some 865 training kilometers and 90 plus hours of running comes to an end at the start line in Ucluelet on Sunday morning. Looking back I realize that I was pretty lucky on the injury front. No twisted ankles from wintery conditions, just some general achilles and calf heart attacks to deal with. Then of course there are the runners toenails. Here’s mine…


Not pretty! And normally I really dislike photos of peoples feet in sand, in a group of other feet or freshly painted toenails, but I had to show mine off. Two black, the little one and the second and the big one isn’t looking so good either. Interestingly, all of this on the left foot. The right foot remained relatively unscathed.


My running mates are, as I write this, are taking part this morning (June 1) in the Calgary Marathon. I wish them well and hope they stay healthy and meet their race goals.


As we trained, our coldest day we faced was on February 23. It was a Sunday morning long slow run that was 16 km’s. It took us about an hour and 50 minutes with a windchill of -34c. Yesterday, I ran my last long run, 16 km’s at race pace and completed that in one hour and 29 minutes.

I think I’m ready for next week. I’ll let you know how I make out.



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