Speed kills…well, it sure feels like it!!

With hill training having finished, we started speed training last Tuesday. Now let me say this right off the top; there is no such thing as speed in this body. And let me also say, speed training is worse than doing hills.

This is a totally different set of muscles we are going to use here. I have never done any speed training before and after the first training session I don’t know if I want to do any more. Our instructor Don told us what we were going to be doing then took us out to practice what he preached.

At first, to warm up we did a 10 minute easy run. Then we did a quick succession of high steps, butt kicks and what I would call “prancing”, all to a count of 10, then repeating the process two more times. After a short easy run the speed part started. Basically we sprinted one set of street light posts, let our heart rate come down, do two sets of post, heart rate down and then three posts. This process was repeated three times but really we should have done for repeats.

It was a tough run home. My groin ached, my quads burned and my back was sore. WTF is going on here. Quite simply, it was using muscles we are unaccustomed to using. The next night our group met up for a 10km run and we all mentioned how sore we were. We headed off on the run and any stiffness and soreness seemed to dissipate as the run went on.

At about 8km I started to feel a very slight twinge in my left hamstring, then all of a sudden the hammy seemed to catch fire and instantly hurt. I had to walk for a bit and tried to very slowly run through the pain but couldn’t. A bit more walking then another attempt at a running pace just above a brisk walk seemed to work and I made it back to the start point. I immediately iced and put heat on the hamstring when I got home.

The next day I could barely move. Even my arms were sore from the swinging we put them through during the sprinting portion. The stride we used was a shorter choppier movement which certainly would add to the muscle pain and stiffness I was enduring. I did not run on Thursday and Friday was a rest day, thank god. I continued a pattern of heat and ice and light stretching and headed out on Saturday for what I hoped would be about a 10km easy run. I felt some tweaking in my left hamstring again and only did about 7k. Sunday was a scheduled 29km long slow run and I didn’t want to push my luck and hurt my chances of a good Sunday run.

It snowed slightly through Saturday night and when I got ready for my Sunday morning run it had become a light rain and snow mix with a temperature of about -2c. I threw on a heavier (220) merino long sleeve with a short sleeve tech shirt over top and out I went. Despite the conditions I was able to stay dry and warm and was able to get in 29.75km without any issues. It seemed that all of the ice and heat and stretching worked to make the stiffness and soreness go away.

Now my only issue is getting ready for another round of speed training again on Tuesday!

One response to “Speed kills…well, it sure feels like it!!

  1. Oh I agree. Speed training is a whole different kind of beast compared to hills. Can suck the life out of you & will to live 🙂 I could say it gets better … but

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