Edmonton Police Foundation Half Marathon race as part of training

On Sunday as part of our training, we were scheduled to run a long and slow 23km but it was also the day of the Edmonton Police Foundation half marathon. So taking advantage of the race opportunity that was pretty close to a training run I decided to run in it (beside, you get a shirt and finishers hat!!)

The race was run out of Fort Edmonton Park and after a night of light rain and waking up to a dusting of snow on the ground it was time to head out to the race.  My goal was to finish under 2 hours as I hoped this would be a good gauge of where I was in training. The rain had stopped and it was actually good running conditions. I’m amazed at the amount of clothing runners wear when conditions don’t appear good. Once they warm everything starts to come off and they have to find a place to tie down all unneeded clothing.

My pace to start seemed good and I didn’t have any issues starting about mid pack. I had run this race in 2009 in a time of 1:54:57 and was hoping to be under 2 hours and close to this time.

As the race started I noticed a drone just up a head of us past the start line. This is the very cool video posted on YouTube by KainX from that drone;

The race itself was fairly uneventful. The first rather lengthy hill at 5km was a bit of an effort for me and it took some time to recover from it. I tried to keep my pace up about 5:30. Continuing on the run was just a run but at a faster pace than I was used to. I carried my water bottle with some Nuun electrolyte replacement in it. This has seemed to work for me okay in the past but I had some stomach issues starting about the 16km point. The Nuun tablets are a bit effervescent and I think I closed my bottle to soon after putting the tablet in. This allowed the pressure to build up in the bottle and unbeknownst to me the pressure in the bottle was forcing the water out of the spout. I also thought the bottle shook up a lot during the run and created a bit of foam inside the bottle. Another thing that I did, which I never do, but did because I didn’t think it would come affect me over this distance was to eat a GU gel right before the race start. Like I said, I didn’t have any issues until the 16km point so I’m not sure if the mixture of gel and Nuun was the cause. The tough point for me was the last 2km when I thought I might puke. I was thinking that would make a great finish line photo.

All said, I ran the race in 1:56:33 with an average pace of 5:32. I accomplished my goal of a sub 2 hour run and did not puke!! On my scale of how I rate my runs, I gave this one a “B”. This is how I looked at the end;



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