Just one of those runs…

This week started with a nice long run, 35km. It is getting near the end of training with only a few weeks left to go before it’s island time and the Edge to Edge Marathon. But back to the run and awesomeness!!

Everything was going well, no aches or pains, no struggles, just a nice easy pace. I noticed that my two running partners were starting to labour with about five km to go and then they started to walk. I walked a bit with one of them but since I was feeling so good I decided to continue running. Off I went and because I was going so good I decided to pick up the pace for the last three km. The wind had picked up and we were running right into the cooler air it was bringing. My pace quickened from about 6:35 to 5:55.  Not a huge increase but after about 32 km I was pleased to know I had it in myself to give a little more. It took 3:52:45 for me to complete 35.12 km’s.

At the end of the run I felt pretty good, exhausted and elated at the results. This week will see our last hill training session, and with all the rain we’ve had that session was put back a day.  Sunday I am running in the Edmonton Police Foundation half marathon which is based at Fort Edmonton Park. That will be a good gauge of where I am in my training.  Below you can see the route of last Sundays long slow run;











Things are looking good and with the success of the weekend there is much optimism to keep moving forward. I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself!!


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