2 weeks ago…

…was my last post so it’s time for an update. Since I last wrote, I’ve put in a couple of long runs, 30 and 33km’s respectively on the last two Sundays. There have been a couple slight changes in our training. We are up to seven hills this week and our Thursday runs have increased to 10km from 8km.

I did have to get new shoes. After the 30km run my feet were very sore and I knew that sooner than later I would need to replace the shoes. Inspecting the shoes after this run, there was considerable wear in the left shoe so it was time. I stayed with the Asics Gel Kayano’s but now they are up to #20. I was in 19’s before. There isn’t much difference in the shoe’s although the newer ones seem a bit tighter but that could just be due to fact that the old ones were stretched out.

It does seem that I have shaken any injury bugs I had. There is no calf issues anymore and I’m feeling pretty good on runs. My runs are all rated from A to D and I have not had a run below B with mostly A’s for the last couple of weeks.  I would like my cardio to be a bit better but I am wondering if I picked up a bit of bronchitis over the winter. I have been sick twice this winter and that is very unusual. Speaking of winter, it just won’t let go. As I write this it is 3c and we are getting wet snow and rain.

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