I can’t feel my nose!!

Our latest week started with a 19 km run this past Sunday that stretched into a 21 km jaunt  by the time we completed our route.

I went to bed the night before with the wind howling and was not looking forward to the morning if that kept up. I got up at 5am and went thru my usual ritual; a coffee, some oatmeal, a bit of fruit then some light foam rolling. It was apparent that the wind was still out there although not as strong as the previous night. But before I left the house I checked the weather…-12c with a windchill of -21c.

I dressed for the conditions with an extra light pair of pants and a running jacket (which I had hoped was put away for the winter), light toque and headband and double gloves. I was comfortable, when there were sections, heading east that that wind just took a bite out of you! I’ve run in some pretty cold conditions, well into the -30’s but without much wind. This wind? Well, I don’t think I’ve ever run in these cold conditions. Even though it was only -12c, that wind was just biting. My body was warm, but at points I could barely feel my nose and chin. I should have worn some protection on my face but I didn’t think I would need it. I’m pretty sure that some of the drivers who passes us figured we were insane to be out in that wind.

Temperatures are supposed to go above freezing starting April 1st (I hope that’s no joke) so I should be able to shed some of the winter wear I had to drag back out. Nothing changes too much this week, 6km on Tuesday, wee’ll do 5 hills on Wednesday, 8km on Thursday, rest Friday and 6km on Saturday. Sunday, the start of the next week sees us take a big step up to 29km.

I’ve also registered for a Edmonton Police Foundation half marathon that takes place on April 27th which fits in line with our training distance that day. I ran it about 4 years ago and ran a sub 2 hour half so that is the standard that I will judge myself by to see if a sub 4 hour marathon is possible. It’s a nice run, starting and ending at Fort Edmonton Park and running through the river valley and neighbourhoods with a few challenging hills along the way.

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