the cold came back, and so did my cold…

Winter reared it’s ugly head again this past week. After close to 2 weeks of nice spring like weather, I awoke to a blizzard on Thursday morning. Not a huge amount of snow, but it was blowing hard and caused lots of drifting from open fields and yards. What did fall from the sky was being blown almost horizontally.

Temperatures took a dip as well, down to the minus 20c’s again. Time to get the winter coats out again.

Also, the cold that took me three weeks to shake decided to come back this week after leaving my head and chest for a week. I never really get sick, but having two colds in less than a month is really taking its toll on me. My nose feels like mush.

The week started with a 23km run as I previously mentioned in my last post. We continued on our regular routine which included hills on Tuesday evening. The hill we are using is 600m long with an elevation increase of about 34m in that length. This week we did 4 trips up the hill. Thursday, due to the snow storm I ran inside at work on our track here at Servus Place. Thirty two laps to do about 8.5km. Round and round and round. My Saturday morning run was glorious. Out at 730am on a nice cool morning, I headed east and as the sun rose as a great big ball of blinding orange it felt really nice on the face and you could feel the heat in it, even at that time of the morning.

My calves had not given me any problems all week, just an ache and stiffness but as I ran through the weekend they really seemed to get better with no problems at all while running. After our long Sunday run yesterday, and up to me writing this ,my legs feel really good. I rated our 26km run yesterday as an “A”. The only issue was I might have been a bit under dressed as the wind had a good bite to it and it never really warmed up like I thought it would from the -15c that we started with.

I’m looking forward to this week being a good one although the temperatures are still to remain about -10c for about the next 10 days or so and maybe some snow next weekend.

2 responses to “the cold came back, and so did my cold…

  1. Ugh, hope you are feeling better soon. This winter has been so hard on our bodies whether its our legs or health. Hopefully spring will bring better stuff all around!

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