long run….

We headed out for our usual Sunday long slow run two days ago. The route took us north to the Edmonton Garrison and through some of the trails around the base. In all we did 23km. My time was 2:37:00 with a pace of 6:49 minutes per kilometre. Here is a Google Earth view of the base;


The base is an interesting place, a community to it’s own. It does have a couple of interesting features as you can see on the aerial shot from Google Earth. Long¬†decommissioned, the only thing flying out of the base today is helicopters. However, at one time while it was still active, the runway was on the list of emergency landing locations for the space shuttles.

Also on the base is the only military prison Canada. “Guests” stay one day less two years at this facility. If their sentence is longer, they serve the remaining time in a federal prison. It’s a pretty non-desript building except for the razor wire that sits on top of the fences. I also hear it’s not a very nice place to be compared to other federal prisons in Canada.


Just to give you a perspective on the Edmonton area, here is an image of the entire city with all three airports. The City Centre Airport was just shut down this past December. The largest planes flying out of there were 737’s but that stopped a few years ago as well. It gives a great perspective on the size of the runway at the Edmonton Garrison.


As far as distances go, it’s about 41 km’s from the Garrison south to the International, just short of a full marathon!!

Also, on a completely different note, when I was getting the images from Google Earth I found something interesting. The closeup shot of the prison turned out like it did above. However, when I moved just to the other side of the intersection in street view, I got this image;

winter Jail

Strange, two different seasons, separated only by a few feet. Strange indeed!

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