and then the BOOM!!!

Since my last post I have been somewhat negligent in my training. First I was sick and then as I started to get better, work got in the way. I had to work all last weekend so that meant I have missed two long runs on consecutive Sundays, one, a 16k and the other a 19k.

So I picked things back up last Tuesday, March 11 when we went out for a tempo 6km run. At about 4.5km’s into the run, BOOM!! I was struck in the left calf with what felt like a baseball bat. A “Calf Heart Attack”.  I had about 2 seconds worth of warning. I was able to carry on but had to do a bit of walking for the last 1.5k and any running I did was with a noticeable limp. Home to some ice and heat but no rolling or stretching because it was just too painful.

The next day, Wednesday morning, I could barely make it down the stairs.  Also, hill training was to start that night.  At lunch I went up to our fitness center and just rolled the calf and gently stretched. We keep some frozen rubber gloves in the freezer at work so when I got back to my desk I just strapped one of those right onto the area.  Well I guess I left it on too long and I just applied it directly to the skin. Dumb.


This is the burn that I gave myself. But it felt better. So off I go to hill training, not knowing if I will be able to do anything. I start out okay, with a bit of a limp, and although the calf is sore, it’s not painful and I was able to get through the hills.

So it’s back home and I’m going to ice the calf again and it feels pretty good considering how painful it was originally. Thursday rolls around and I have the day off work so out I go for an 8km steady run. The calf feels much better and I complete the run in about 46 minutes, a bit faster than I wanted but I’m feeling good. I did manage to get 2 soakers as one part of the path was under about 5 inches of water and when I tried to go around it, one foot went through the melting snow bank into the water and the other foot instinctively just shot itself out into the open freezing water.

So back at home I take the following picture of my calf and the burn on it;

burn2This is two days after the first picture. If you look close at the bottom you can see the little stubby fingers from the slush filled rubber glove.

So, lesson learned…always use a cloth or towel before putting an ice pack on skin.

From the injury standpoint, I think it is under control. I seem to have the process figured out, some ice, some heat, some foam rolling, a tennis ball on the exact location and constantly using my “Stick” to roll out the calf. Only time will tell if it is good. Today is an off day, Saturday is a 6k run then Sunday, the start of the next training week is a 23k long, slow run which I will be able to attend.

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