A lost week…..

My last run was a week ago today, the long slow 16km run that started the week off. It was -34c with windchill but sunny out. I ran at a 6:47/km pace and to be honest I found the conditions very nice to run in. It took an hour and fifty minutes to complete and I felt great afterwards. no stress at all on the body.

Then at dinner it started. A runny nose that would not stop, for three days. It was like a tap. I spent more time with kleenex shoved up my nose to stop the leaking and to soothe the itching. I missed two days of work. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Then on Wednesday the coughing started with the sore throat. That lasted for a couple of days until everything moved into my chest on Friday. Needless to say I sure didn’t feel like running and I certainly was in no condition to go outside.

Speaking of outside, we entertained our third polar vortex of the winter. Temperatures have been consistently in the high -30’s for the last week or so. Yesterday, Saturday morning it called for -50c with windchill!! 1621784_10203019700842785_2121407338_n

It never hit that low but was into the -40’s.

So here we are on Sunday March 2 and I’ve missed out on five training runs. I’m not too concerned. It gave my body a chance to recover although it took a big hit with the cold I caught. As it is now, I just have some slight chest congestion and a bit of a cough. Tomorrow is a planned rest day, which I will probably adhere to based on the way I’m feeling now, and I think I’ll be back at it on Tuesday. But the work week through next weekend will be very busy and will play havoc with training again. I hate it when life gets in the way of running!!

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