still at it…

Week 2 of marathon training came to a close. In all I did 42km’s. The week had its ups and downs as it was cold and we got some snow which I’m sure affected some performance. Temperatures ranged  -12c to -19c with wind chills hitting -26c at the coldest.

I got my distances in, but I did not run on Saturday which should have been a 6km steady run. I was just to achy and tired. I think the previous two days of running, a 10k and an 8km in uneven snow put a lot of stress on my lower legs so I didn’t want to push it. Besides, Sunday, the start of week 3 was going to be a 13km long slow run.

Thursday’s run, an 8km was really tough. It seemed like I had 20 lbs. of potatoes strapped to each leg. It was hard but I got the mileage in but at a so lower pace than I wanted. I think this run, together with Friday’s 10k just wore me out

I have noticed that some of my pants are already starting to feel a bit looser around the waist. The belly; well its still there!!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that if I start out a run with a fast pace, I have a harder time getting my lungs under control. I’ll reach for air for a while until my pace and heart rate settle then I’ll try and pick up the pace a bit.

I added some new tunes to my iPod. I heard this band after seeing a crazy video of a pond hockey game that was accessible only by helicopter in the Canadian Rockies. Here’s the link to the video:

The band is called “Whoa She’s a Babe” and are out of Vancouver. I downloaded their EP from iTunes and now its part of my running tunes. I like their sound, it’s good running music!

As for the calf issues, I seem to be able to control any problems. Lots of ice, rolling and a little less stretching of that area. The ache is still noticeable and there but it certainly is not the debilitating pain I’ve experienced in the past.

So week 3 begins with no issues to really bring forward. The weather is supposed to warm up a bit for a week to just below freezing which also brings with it it’s own own set of related problems.

See you down the road.

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