up and Running…

It’s February 8th and I am at the end of week one of the beginning of my marathon training.

Yes I decided to try and run another one, the last having been run in 2008 in Vancouver. This time I’m heading just a bit farther west, out to Vancouver Island to run the Edge to Edge Marathon (http://www.edgetoedgemarathon.com/). Combined with a weeks vacation to the West Coast, I’ll take a few hours on June 8th and try to run from Tofino to Ucluelet.

Technically it’s really the second week of training as we started on Feb 4! So it’s onward and upward from here. I’ll fill you in with little bits of information and history and will recap the past week of training.

Week 1  starting Feb 2/14

Sunday – 10k slow & long

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 10k tempo run

Wednesday – 6k tempo run

Thursday – 8k steady pace

Friday – 10k steady pace

Saturday – 6k steady pace

All told that was a total of 50km’s, all outside. Temperatures ranged from -12c to -23c and wind chills as cold as -30c. I’ve come out of it pretty good. Just a couple of minor aches, mostly my calves and the odd run has produced a bit of an ache in my right hip but nothing beyond what is already present. I run with a group on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sunday mornings. Most of my running is by myself as everyone finds their pace and of course everyone has different goals. Sundays we tend to have a pack mentality as they are our longer slower runs. Week 2 kicks off with a 13km jaunt tomorrow morning. Morning temperatures are showing to be -26c with wind chills of -35c. Were in a pretty good cold snap!!

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