Two ACL surgeries in 4 months…

This past week, my beast had his second ACL surgery in 4 months. The first was last December and the the latest one was just a few days ago. His first was a partial tear of his left rear knee. He recovered very well from it and there were no signs of him having had any surgery.

Then, just about 2 weeks ago he started limping a bit and then he couldn’t put any weight on his right rear leg. These were the exact same signs he showed in the previous situation and off to the vet we went. We waited a few days but the problem didn’t get better only worse. In order to determine the extent of the injury, he had to be sedated and xrays taken and the leg manipulated. The vet said if it was an ACL problem they would just take him right into surgery while he was still asleep. Of course this is what happened. Except this was a total tear, the ACL was just floating around the knee.

So he’s home and he has reacted a little more differently with this surgery. Maybe because it was a more complex tear, but he’s not moving around as much. We have to perform some physio several times each day just to try and increase his range of motion. It’s only been a few days so we’ll keep working on him. At least the weather is starting to get nicer and we can be outside.



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