Running progress update…

It’s been a couple of months since I posted my last (or first!) running update.

I’ve been doing quite well, in fact today was my longest run in over a year, 7.24km which took me 46:48. The pace was good, slower but consistent. So far in two months this year I’ve covered 85% of the distance and total time in all of 2012. I also just picked up a new pair of Asics Kayano 19’s and have been out in them a couple of times.


Part of my progress has to be attributed to the strength training I’m doing. I’m into the second month of my training with a personal trainer and it seems to be paying off. Most of the exercises are geared towards my legs and lower muscles as well as my core. I only work out twice a week but I’ve been able to keep the training at a high level of intensity. My legs feel good and stronger, but I do feel tired sometimes afterwards.

This will be the first week where I hope I can train Tuesday and Thursday and run Wednesday and Friday. Tomorrow, Monday will be a rest day. During the week I run at indoors at work on our track. I’d like to be outside but the weather has been good lately so there is a lot of melting and freezing happening. Spikes are mandatory right now when running outside.

So 2013 has proven to be good so far and I’m encouraged about my progress. Stay tuned!!

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