Been a while….

Since my last post. Not a lot has happened other than going out a couple of weeks ago with my buddy for an overnight hang at Elk Island Park. It was a good one-nighter, the skies were clear, the stars were amazing and we had lots of bison roaming around us.
It got down to just above freezing through the night, our water didn’t freeze so that was good. It was more of a test of my buddies gear since he hadn’t been down to those cool temps yet and he did okay. There will have to be some tweaking of his rig to make sure its good to go next time.
As for me, I had a good night. Other than a cold right foot, and the dog we could hear barking all night long, I stayed warm and toasty.

Since that hang, I have purchased a new compact cook kit and stove from Smokeeater908. This is the video of me opening it:

Just a few minutes after I opened the package, I did my first test boil with the Flashover Stove. Here’s the video of that;

I have to work on my video editing skills. I just purchased a new Canon S95 camera that shoots in HD. Together with my Mac and iMovie I hope I can put together some interesting shots.

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