Maligne Lake kayak and hang

Went to Maligne Lake in early September with my buddy Bill. It was his first real multi day paddle and his first hang out in the wilds. I had been down Maligne in early June, a week after the ice came out but it was great to do it with someone else this time around. We spent Thursday night in an old campground of the main road.  This gives us a good close location to get up to the boat launch early.   We set into the water about 830am and our goal was 22km’s away, Coronet Creek campground at the far end of the lake. It has 8 pads for camping and is only accessible by water.

The water was like glass  and this was our point of reference…

At our camp, which we made in 4.5 hours of straight paddling we set up our sleeping rigs. We both use Warbonnet Blackbird hammocks. My insulation system is a 3 season Incubator under quilt and a 3 season Burrow top quilt both made by HammockGear. The hammock hangs from trees with straps and Whoopie Slings. 

These are our hammocks set up in the camp. The whole set up is very light making it the perfect sleep system for backpacking as well.

We went on an 8km one way hike up towards the Coronet Glacier. It took us exactly 2 hours to cover the distance and the increase in altitude was about 900 metres. We hung around the Henry McLeod campsite and took some shots of the glacier:

While in the camp we had some visitors

And when nature called, this is where we headed.

Couldn’t beat the views to pass the time!!

The water was awesome, calm and mountain glacier green,

We tried our luck at fishing

But didn’t have any luck. Nobody on the lake did this weekend!

Can you spot the ancient piece of fishing gear in one of the pics…no not Bill, the gear??

It was an excellent  four days on the lake with a good friend and we truly enjoyed our experience and will be doing it again.

end of the lake

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