Thoughts to get started

So I’m not really all that computer savvy but I am going to try and have lots of pics posted from my outings. Mostly camping and kayaking shots of some outstanding locations.

As I get going with this, and summer draws to a close, I hope that I can get out a few more times camping. With the nights getting down to near freezing I’m thankful for my 3 season down top quilt (burrow) and under quilt (incubator), made by HammockGear, that wrap around my Warbonnet Blackbird hammock to keep me warm.

One addition I am thinking about is adding doors to my tarp. This will stop some of the wind from coming through the sleeping area. I am worried about the amount of condensation this may cause however and I am going to seek advice on Hammock Forums about this setup.

One aspect of my camping/hiking that I need to work on is getting my pack down to a more manageable weight, even my kayak load needs to be adjusted.  I’m getting comfortable with cooking systems. For stoves I have an MSR Reactor, a Pocket Rocket and a Soto Micro. The Soto is the smallest and has been used the most lately. I also have a couple of homemade alcohol stoves and a wood burning stove.  Water adds a huge weight to any pack and that has to be worked on as well. My pack is a ULA Circuit which fit everything I need for a few days.

The problem around here is that there are very few places nearby to go on any overnight or multiple day hikes. Going to the mountains, which is the prefered place to go is a 3.5 hour drive. There are plenty of day hikes available but the overnight thing is tough to do. As the seasons change and the weather starts to cool off, there is only one place that I am aware of that permits winter camping and that is Elk Island National Park. I’m trying to find something with the provincial parks where I can camp, but they seem to be focussed on RV’s for the winter. Maybe I’ll just have to stealth camp!!

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